The earth’s ecosystems and the biodiversity they support are facing widespread and accelerating change due to a multitude of pressures. Better information on the status, trends and drivers of biodiversity change is needed to assist governments in developing more effective and timely policy responses.

There are many excellent tools, protocols and software in use that facilitate effective biodiversity monitoring but these are not easily discoverable or available to all regions of the planet. As well, current efforts to monitor biodiversity are not interoperable, thereby limiting our ability to detect change and the underlying mechanisms driving change in biodiversity. BON in a Box aims to serve as a technology transfer mechanism that allows countries access to the most advanced and effective monitoring protocols, tools and software thereby, lowering the threshold for a country to set up, enhance or harmonize a national biodiversity observing system.

Move the scrollbar from left to right to see the dramatic development of the Aral Sea | Photos: ESA