Data Family Metadata and Catalogue Services Sustainable International Infrastructures Schematic and Syntactic Interoperability – Service Protocols and Content Standards Reference
Electronic Samples and Specimens A globally available publication platform for audio, video, and image media used as the basis of species identification and traits/ character annotation. MorphoBank Metadata: Site-specific
Data Content: SDD or NEXUS/ TNT/ NeXML
Data Deposit: Any valid media file
Services: Portal-based search and discovery
Presence/ Absence, Occurrence Data, Species Survey Data GBIF Indexing is the most appropriate metadata and discovery mechanism GBIF
Metadata: Darwin Core/ ABCD
Data Content: Darwin Core/ ABCD
Data Deposit: IPT/ BioCASE
Services: Multiple API options provided by GBIF
[10], [19], [20], 21]
Allele/ Genomic Services as provided by INSDC Consortium members GenBank
DNA Databank of Japan
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
MetaData: MIxS compliant
Data Content: Multiple upload tools are available, GCDML
[10], [16]
Functional Genomics/ Transciptomics Services as provided by GEO and ArrayExpress Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
MetaData: MIAME-compliant
Data Content: MIAME-compliant
Data Deposit: FTP Upload
Services: JSON/ FTP
[10], [17], [18]
Phylogenetic Data Metadata is provided by way of a peer-reviewed article – in other words all data submissions are supported by a published article. An OAI-PMH interface is available for metadata harvesting. TreeBASE Metadata: Published Article
Data Content: NEXUS
Data Deposit: via web portal
Services: OAI-PMH for metadata, portal and RESTful API for data access.
[10], [23]
Micro-CT Service-specific metadata is gathered on submission, no harvestable or machine-readable endpoints. MorphoSource Metadata: gathered manually on submission
Data Content: files produced by scanners
Data Deposit: via portal
Services: portal search and browse facility
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