EU BON – Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network

Project duration: December 2012 – May 2017

The main objective of EU BON is to build a substantial part of GEO BON. A key feature of EU BON will be the delivery of near-real-time relevant data – both from on-ground observation and remote sensing – to the various stakeholders and end users ranging from local to global levels.

In doing that, EU BON will have the following specific objectives:

  • Advancing the technological/informatics infrastructures for GEO BON, by moving existing biodiversity networks towards standards-based, service-oriented approaches and cloud computing, enabling full interoperability through the GEOSS Common Infrastructure;
  • Improving the range and quality of the methods and tools for assessment, analysis, and visualization of biodiversity and ecosystem information, particularly focussing on predictive modelling, identification of drivers of change, and biodiversity indicators, and to support priority setting.