Other documents published by the GEO BON Secretariat.

GEO BON Implementation Plan 2017-2020

Version 1.3, August 2017

GEO BON Strategy for development of
Essential Biodiversity Variables

Version 2.0, Jan 2017

Background and criteria for BON endorsement

This document explains what national, regional, and thematic BONs are and describes GEO BON’s criteria for their endorsement.

GEO BON Structure Towards 2020:
Working Groups and Biodiversity Observation Networks

Version 2.2, 26 Jan 2017

GEO BON Strategic Workplan 2014-2016

Version 1.0, 21 March 2014

Technical Summary of the Detailed Implementation Plan with List of Contributors

May 2010

GEO BON Concept Document

GEO-V, 19-20 November 2008

GEO BON Implementation Overview

GEO-V, 19-20 November 2008