Technical reports published by GEO BON partners.

A new map of Global Ecological Land Units
An ecophysiographic Stratification Approach

This special publication describes the concepts and methods for delineating ecological land units (ELUs) as distinct physical environments and associated land cover.

The ELUs were developed in response to the need for a high resolution, standardized, and data-derived map of global ecosystems for use in analyses of climate change impacts, assessments of economic and non-economic value of ecosystem goods and services, biodiversity conservation planning, and natural resource management.

Detailed and accurate maps of ELUs are presented for the Earth and the continents, as well as regional examples.


cbd-ts-72-en CBD Technical Series 72:

Earth Observation for Biodiversity Monitoring: A review of current approaches and future opportunities for tracking progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.


Adequacy of Biodiversity Observation Systems to support the CBD 2020 Targets

A report prepared by GEO BON for the Convention on Biological Diversity

May 2011

CBD Technical Series 50:

Biodiversity Scenarios: Projections of 21st Century Change in Biodiversity and Associated Ecosystem Services – A Technical Report for the Global Biodiversity Outlook.