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Lead and partners:
Tuyeni Mwampamba (Lead)
Artur Gil (Collaborator)
Cornelia Krug (collaborator)
IPBES (Partner)
CBD (Partner)

The purpose of this activity is to ensure that the WG is responding to real needs and pertinent issues relevant for policy and decision-making related to ecosystem services. Specifically, the WG will reach out to the CBD, IPBES and other global and national bodies to solicit their needs. The activity will include identifying needs that the WG can respond to in the short, medium and long-term, and working with policy bodies to outline work plans, and where necessary, finance mechanisms to be able to deliver on those.

Development schedule (phases and key milestones):
The activity will take advantage of the various policy processes that WG members are already involved in such as the Ecosystem & Biodiversity Regional and Global Assessments currently being undertaken by IPBES.

Phase Milestones Timeline
I. Identification of all relevant policy processes related to ES that WG members are involved in Survey of WG 6 and other GEOBON members to obtain list of policy processes & their specific needs May 2017
II. Assessment of needs to determine extent to which WG can deliver List of needs that WG members are sure they can deliver and outline of strategy on how to deliver on them August 2017
III. Contact key policy actors to propose partnership and collaboration Discuss and refine strategy with policy actors; outline approach and venues for delivery Nov 2017
IV. Execute strategy for delivery (multiple processes may be occurring at the same time)

Resources (needed, available, and plans to obtain):
Resources will be needed for any encounter. Expenses could be shared with …