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Lead and partners:
Ilse Geijzendorffer (Lead)
Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham
Anna Cord
Wolfgang Cramer
Carlos Guerra
Berta Martin-Lopez
Kai Chan

EESVs should be relevant for decisions makers and could be used to identify highlight knowledge gaps that create biases in how political reports and decisions are informed. To generate a first estimation of this knowledge gap for the EEVs related to ES flows, we determined 1) which services are currently being mentioned in SDGs and Aichi targets; 2) which EESV flow variables are currently being demanded for reporting on global policy targets on sustainability; 3) which of these knowledge demands is already being provided upon in national ecosystem assessments.

Development schedule (phases and key milestones):
The research and writing activities took place in 2016 and we have currently submitted the MS for review.