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Lead and partners:
Anna Cord (Lead)
Kate Brauman (Partner)
Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer (Partner)
Andreas Huth (Partner)
Guy Ziv (Partner)
Ralf Seppelt (Partner)

Purpose (justify the need for the activity, explain what problem it solves, EBV addressed):
Managing ecosystem services in the context of global sustainability policies requires reliable monitoring mechanisms, and satellite Earth observation offers great promise to support this need. Significant challenges, however, remain in quantifying connections between ecosystem functions, the concomitant ecosystem services they underpin and human well-being benefits. The aim of this activity is to synthesize in which respect Earth observation together with socio-economic information and model-based analysis can support assessments and monitoring of ecosystem service supply, demand and benefit, and illustrate this for selected services. We argue that the full potential of satellite Earth observation is not yet realized in ecosystem service studies. To provide guidance for priority setting and to spur research in this area, we propose five priorities to advance the capabilities of Earth observation-based monitoring of ecosystem services in the future.

Development schedule (phases and key milestones):
The writing activities took place in 2015/2016 and we are about to submit the manuscript for review.