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Lead and partners:
Valia (Evangelia) Drakou (Lead)
Joan Maso (Collaborator)
Jan Philipp Schaegner (Collaborator)
Roland Krämer (Partner)
Artur Gil (Partner)
Ivette Serral (Partner)
Cristina Domingo (Partner)

Purpose (justify the need for the activity, explain what problem it solves, EBV addressed):
Ecosystem Service assessment, mapping and quantification takes place in different spatio-temporal scales, socio-political context and for different policy objectives, which leads to an immense variety of approaches, methods, tools, modelling and mapping outputs. This group acknowledges the significance of maintaining this diversity, but also the need to bring these different approaches together, in order to facilitate data and information sharing for ecosystem services. The aim of this activity is to propose a set of data standards that can be used for monitoring ecosystem services. Until now, the need for setting up data standards for ecosystem services has been expressed among researchers, but such an attempt hasn’t been made yet. The group will work together on three major objectives:
i) making an overview of existing data standards and ontologies that can be used for ecosystem service assessments;
ii) identifying the gaps and proposing a set of data standards for ecosystem services (linked initially with EESVs);
iii) validate those data standards before their final establishment as an ontology.
The final output of this work, will be used to bring together in a systematic way the work done within Bon-in-a-Box (activity 3.1), but also to facilitate the process of data collection through remote sensing within the GEOBON community. After the test phase, the goal is to promote the use of those data standards to the global ES research community.

Development schedule (phases and key milestones):

Phase Milestones Timeline
Overview of data standards and ontologies for RS & link with ES classification systems – Data standard overview

– ES classification systems overview

January-September 2017
Synthesis and proposal of data standards with existing ontological systems – Submission of proposed ontology October 2017-May 2018
Use/Testing/Validation of data standards by the rest of the Working Group June 2018- December 2018
Publication of proposed data standards January-June 2019

Resources (needed, available, and plans to obtain):
For the time being we will meet via teleconferences and make use of other GEOBON meetings to meet in person and work together.