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Lead and partners:
Guy Ziv (Lead)
Anna Cord (Partner)
Matthias Schröter (Partner)
Jan ???? (Partner)
Roland Krämer (Partner)
Artur Gil (Collaborator)
Bruno Locatelli (Partner)
Kai Chan (Partner)
Valia Drakou (Partner)
Philipp Schägner

Cultural ecosystem services are linked to widely recognized benefits people gain from nature, yet has been traditionally under-studied because they are intangible and perceptions on them are highly subjective, leading to difficulties in working with public, stakeholders and experts to quantify these. Given the need for more standard, regional- or global-scale monitoring of Ecosystem Services in general – there is clear need to develop science and tools to harness remote sensing and geolocated social media “big data” to cultural ecosystem services. This activity will produce one or two review / agenda-setting peer-reviewed publications on the topic.

Development schedule (phases and key milestones):

Phase Milestones Timeline
I conceptual framing Development of a skeleton structure for literature review June 2017
II Literature review on CES and EO Manuscript submission to Ecosystem Services journal or similar December 2017
III Literature review on CES and Social Media/Participatory Science Manuscript submission to Ecosystem Services journal or similar May 2018

Resources (needed, available, and plans to obtain):
Currently, we believe this task can be done remotely via virtual meetings and coordinated development of documents using Google Docs (or similar).