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Lead and partners:
Elena Bennett Nicolas,
Artur Gil,
Bruno Locatelli,
Clair Brown,
Ilse Geizendoffer,
Guy Ziv,
Anna Cord,
Maria Vallejos,
Becky Chaplin-Kramer,
Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne

Purpose (justify need, EBV addressed):
Using ecosystem services to assess global and local sustainability will require multi-scale assessments that take into account relationships between demand and supply at multiple scales, including assessments of the role of trade and other teleconnections in the provision of multiple, interacting services and their sustainability.
We will develop (and potentially test) a method for assessing demand and supply of a set of ecosystem services at multiple scales.

Development Schedule:

Year 1
1. Conceptual framing. Can be done by primarily teleconference
a. What would one need to measure for demand, supply of multiple services at multiple scales
b. How to incorporate trade and other teleconnections
c. Best methods for those measurements (including models)
2. Workshop to discuss, and frame out paper
3. Development of conceptual paper

Year 2 – 3
4. Testing of method (ideally, in multiple locations)
5. Writing of analytical papers
6. Writing proof of concept paper

Resources (needed, available):
Year 1 can probably be done primarily through teleconferences. It would be interesting, if possible to have a workshop at the end of this year, both to write a paper that would encapsulate the idea and also to think about how to test it. In an ideal world, testing would take place in multiple locations, but this will be dependant on funding and interest. Some analytical papers, especially those that focus on teleconnections and can be done with existing data, may be possible without meetings.