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Lead and partners:
Becky Chaplin-Kramer, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne (Leads)
Daniela Karp
Anna Cord
Arthur Gil
Bruno Locatelli
Antonio J. Castro
Guy Ziv
Alessandro Gimona
Elena Bennett
Patty Balvanera

Assessments of changes in ecosystems need to account for the ability of ecosystems to supply and deliver services to societies but also on tradeoffs and synergies among services. Yet, little is known about how services are related to each other and which services can be delivered in the same spatial areas. Moving observation systems beyond single services to the full bundle of services (a set of services that tend to co-occur in space or time), to quantify and reflect the synergies (positive interactions) and trade-offs (negative interactions) is a major challenge for current research efforts. Also, an understanding of the interactions among stakeholders that have differential preferences for the traded-off services is needed. This activity will explore conceptual approaches and analytic methods for assessing how trade-offs among ecosystem services change through space and time resulting from biophysical and societal changes.

Development schedule:

Phase Milestones Timeline
I. Conceptual approach Develop outline of conceptual approach to accounting for trade-offs/synergies at different scales June, 2017
Development of conceptual paper For March, 2018
II. Analytic paper Re-examine draft of previously developed paper on this topic and reframe to match conceptual outline above September 2017
Development of analytic paper comparing tradeoffs and synergies across case studies For June 2018

Resources (needed, available, and plans to obtain):
Currently, we believe this task can be done remotely via virtual meetings and coordinated development of documents using Google Docs (or similar).