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Lead and partners:
Domingo Alcaraz-Segura (Lead)
Manuel Pacheco (Partner)
Javier Cabello(Partner)
María Vallejos (Partner)
Matías Mastrangelo (Partner)
Antonio Castro (Partner)
Artur Gil (Collaborator)

Successive attempts have tried to integrate human and ecological systems to capture patterns and dynamics of the human interactions with ecosystems. However, such attempts may present problems associated with their use of structural instead of functional variables. We aim to identify essential variables that offer an integrative characterization of the functioning of social-ecological systems at multiple scales. We will carry out literature reviews, experts surveys and workshops to identify the key processes and feasible indicators that characterize the socioeconomic and cultural patterns and dynamics that operate in the land surface. The central objective will be to develop a conceptual and methodological framework that integrates the biophysical, socioeconomic and cultural indicators into a hierarchical functional classification of social-ecological systems suitable for ecosystem services assessments.

Development schedule:

Phase Milestones Timeline
I. Conceptual framing Development of a skeleton structure for literature review March 2017
II. Online survey List of essential variables to characterize the functioning of social-ecological systems June 2017
III. Analysis of survey Manuscript submission to Ecology and Society or similar journal March 2018

Resources (needed, available, and plans to obtain):
Currently, we believe this task can be done remotely via virtual meetings and coordinated development of documents using Google Docs (or similar).