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Lead and partners:
Kate Brauman (Lead)
Lucas Garibaldi (Lead)
Philipp Schaegner

The IPBES global assessment is moving forward, with Chapter 2 reporting on the status and trends of nature, nature’s benefits to people (ecosystem services), and the drivers that affect them. To provide a quantitative assessment of the status and trends of 18 services in the 9 terrestrial and 6 aquatic biomes identified by IPBES, indicators based on currently available data and methods must be used. These indicators may not match the EESVs, but they should harmonize with them and we should make them as interoperable as possible with the EESVs so that future studies can build from the work of the IPBES global assessment. Additionally, IPBES is likely to be one of the soonest high-profile platforms for the EESVs, which we shoudl take advantage of.

Development schedule:

Phase Milestones Timeline
Zero-order draft. Preliminary literature review of the state of global NBPs and potential indicators for ~½ of the NBPxBiome combinations Draft text for ~½ of NBPxBiome combinations. Suggested indicators with data and methods in hand January 2017
IPBES Zero-order draft finalized – all NBPxBiome combinations have been written up, including literature review, data and methods for assessing global status and trends finalized, and maps and summaries produced Finalized text for all NBPxBiomes, indicators with methods and data finalized, maps proudced September 2017