Measuring the Pulse of the Planetary Living System Webinar Series

Webinar Series by NatureServe, GEO BON and EcoHealth Alliance

Webinar #3
Assessing the Conservation Status of the World’s Ecosystems – The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, a Global Standard – Irene Zager
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11th December, 2018

Webinar #2
Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Bear? – Ximena Velez-Liendo
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12th November, 2018

Webinar #1
Repository of the Bolivian Flora and its Dynamics with Living Systems – Mónica Moraes Ramírez
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15th October, 2018

Remotely Sensing Functional Diversity

Online presentation (Sound starts @3:45min – ends @1:3:30h)
Prof. Dr Michael Schaepman, University of Zurich
12th September, 2018 | Leipzig, Germany

Marine BON Webinars

MBON Webinar
Challenges of creating and using indicators for decision making in public policy – Pia Wiche
08th October 2018

MBON Webinar
Monitoring the environmental dimension of the Agenda 2030 – Francesco Gaetani
10th September 2018

MBON Webinar (PDF Slides)
A global data sharing and clearinghouse for marine biodiversity data through the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
February 2017

MBON & GOOS Webinars
Marine BON & the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS)
2014 – now

Symposium on the Mobilization of Structured Biodiversity Data

Video conference
28th June, 2017 | Leipzig, Germany

KOSMOS Workshop 2017 “Remote Sensing of Ecosystem Functioning”

Video conference
Working Group Ecosystem function
30th March, 2017 | Berlin, Germany

Measuring success and challenges toward conservation: The Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard

Online presentation
Dr. Healy Hamilton, NatureServe
13th October, 2015 | Leipzig, Germany