These Essential Biodiversity Variables, defined as the derived measurements required to study, report, and manage biodiversity change, focusing on status and trend in elements of biodiversity should play the role of brokers between monitoring initiatives and decision makers. They provide the first level of abstraction between low-level primary observations and high-level indicators of biodiversity.

Essential Biodiversity Variables
Essential Biodiversity Variables
Criteria for Essential Biodiversity Variables

An ideal EBV should be

  • able to capture critical scales and dimensions of biodiversity
  • biological
  • a state variable (in general)
  • sensitive to change
  • ecosystem agnostic (to the degree possible)
  • technically feasible, economically viable and sustainable in time

These Essential Variables should also be able to be measured or modeled globally, and should ideally capitalize from integrating remote sensing with in-situ observations.

EBVs should be relevant to the broader community in the biodiversity monitoring and research projects, networks and initiatives, offering robust computations that can help populate the indicators to assess progress towards the 2020 Targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Finally EBVs should provide the foundation for developing biodiversity forecasts under different policy and management scenarios.

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Current candidate EBVs

Take a look at the current candidate EBVs. This list resulted from the Frascati workshop which was attended by 34 experts in the field of biodiversity spanning all levels of organisation (genes, species, ecosystems) and all realms (marine, terrestrial, freshwater).

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