Include biodiversity representation indicators in area-based conservation targets

December 20, 2021

Authors: Walter Jetz, Jennifer McGowan, D. Scott Rinnan, Hugh P. Possingham, Piero Visconti, Brian O’Donnell and Maria Cecilia Londoño-Murcia Abstract: Advances in spatial biodiversity science and nationally available data have enabled the development of indicators that report on biodiversity outcomes, account for uneven global biodiversity between countries, and provide direct

Monitoring the nature crisis using space-borne platforms

July 26, 2021

In our Digital Age, human beings are confronted with two major environmental crises: climate change and biodiversity loss. The first has garnered widespread public attention and funding to tackle, whereas the latter operates more quietly in the background. One of the key challenges to solve the biodiversity crisis is the

Acoustic detection of regionally rare bird species through deep convolutional neural networks

July 20, 2021

Bioacoustic monitoring with machine learning (ML) models can provide valuable insights for informed decision-making in conservation efforts. In this study, the team built deep convolutional neural networks to analyze field recordings and classify calls of regionally rare bird species. Limited training data is a challenge for model running on rare species. This

The journey to monitoring ecosystem services: Are we there yet?

July 6, 2021

The Ecosystem Services Working Group highlights three key challenges in the development and implementation of monitoring schemes and indicators of ecosystem services (ES):  (1) combining ES observations, data and methods across scales; (2) identifying operational ES metrics that consider the interactions between people and ecosystems; and (3) integrating the diversity

A pipeline for standardising and integrating alien species data

A pipeline for standardising and integrating alien species data
October 14, 2020

There has been enormous progress over the last half decade in the collation and publication of global datasets on alien species distributions, for various plant and animal groups and in terrestrial and marine environments. One of the key hurdles that remains for the construction of Essential Biodiversity Variables for alien

Measuring ecosystem multifunctionality across scales

Measuring ecosystem multifunctionality across scales
March 12, 2020

New paper published proposing a new way of measuring multifunctionality across spatial scales, illustrated with a European-wide dataset of 18 ecosystem services. Our assessment captures not only the diversity of ecosystem services supplied within each municipality (alpha-multifunctionality), but also the unique contribution of each municipality to the regional ecosystem service