• Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and the Nature Positive Journey
        Recording will be available. When: JANUARY 25th 2024 Time: 09:00 to 10:15 AM EST (03:00 to 04:14 PM CET) Register now!     Nature is the basis of the functioning of society, general well-being, and the economy. However, despite warnings from the scientific community for several decades, the degradation
  • GEO BON has a new Executive Secretary! Welcome Katie Millette 
    As the incoming Executive Secretary, I am excited to continue the momentum that GEO BON has generated over its three years in Montreal. I have been lucky to have learned from Adriana Radulovici—our departing Executive Secretary—over the two years I spent as GEO BON’s Science Officer. I am very happy
  • EcoCode – Modelling Life on Earth
    The EcoCode working group aims to synthesize, integrate and advance modelling efforts in support of the GEO-BON mission and to push for an international effort to project biodiversity responses to environmental changes...
  • A global observatory to monitor Earth’s biodiversity
    At a time of nature crisis driven by unparalleled rates of biodiversity loss, a new interconnected system to monitor biodiversity around the world is urgently needed to direct and focus conservation action. “The lethal combination of habitat loss, the exploitation of natural populations, pollution, and climate change is causing species