It is important that a national, regional or thematic BON does not develop and operate in isolation, but rather draws from and contributes to broader regional and global biodiversity observation efforts while, at the same time, allowing flexibility and customization to respond to regional, national and/or local needs. With this in mind, the BON Development Working Group will work with national and international organizations to help facilitate effective and efficient BON’s that primarily serves communities by facilitating policy and decision-making processes and that contribute to global BON efforts.



Maria Cecilia Londoño
Alexander von Humboldt Institute Colombia
Mike Gill
Polar Knowledge Canada
Petteri Vihervaara
Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki

Key Objectives

  • Lower the threshold for BON development or enhancement by:

o Identifying and documenting best practices for BON development and enhancement
o Providing a standardized and flexible approach to designing a user-driven BON;
o Providing easy access to state-of-the-art tools for biodiversity observations, and data management, analysis and reporting;
o Providing cooperative processes and technology transfer mechanisms between national and thematic BONs and,

  • Ensure a user-driven approach to GEO BON by:

o Providing guidance, via pilot implementation, to the Essential Biodiversity Variable Working Groups on EBV operationalization at national (National BONs), regional (Regional BONs) and global (Thematic BONs) scales.

Activity 1. Developing a Consistent and Flexible BON Design Process
Long Term Plan (3 years) 2017 2018 2019 Leads and partners
GEO BON Manual for Bon Development X
Position paper presenting the idea of IPBES assessment and GEOBON Observation Systems X
Assessment of existing BONs

  • Interactive map on the GEO BON website indicating key attributes including EBVs used
  • Paper on current state of BONs


Activity 2. Development of BON in a Box
Long Term Plan (3 years) 2017 2018 2019 Leads and partners
Conceptualization paper presenting Bon in a Box. X
Version 1.0 (Full update tools available from WGs and BONs, Guidelines for defining what tool is going in: criteria) X
Communication strategy and Business Plan X
Version 2.0 X X


Activity 3. Building Communities of practice for Bon development and EBV operationalization at national and regional scales
Long Term Plan (3 years) 2017 2018 2019 Leads and partners
EVB Pilots for operationalization. knowing who is running long-term biodiversity observation programs and how they are doing it.  


Build tool(s) and approaches for matchmaking/discovering experts in regions and globally:  identifying mechanisms for supporting such data collection efforts X X X
Webinars on EBV data collection, analysis and data management X X X


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