The challenge that this WG faces, is going beyond quantification of the natural system that forms the basis for ecosystem service provision, to incorporation of multiple tradeoffs, multiple scales and a wide range of social dimensions. This requires a broad interdisciplinary team from science and humanities fields that can jointly identify and explore the most crucial components of the system that need to be observed.

Our primary audiences are national, regional and global decision makers, who, through their policies, can influence institutional structures, management practices and human behaviors that eventually affect the status of ecosystems and components of human well being to which they are linked. Specifically, we aim to work closely with governments and NGOs in the countries that we work in as a team; for example, the European Union, the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), UN SDGs, UNFCCC, Ecosystem Services Partnership, and the Convention of Biological Diversity. Given the strong science basis of our work, we also aim to influence and inform the academic and scientific community addressing similar issues.



Patricia Balvanera
National University of Mexico
Tuyeni Heita Mwampamba
National University of Mexico

Key Objectives

  • To foster the development of a global observation system of ecosystem services, that takes into account the socio-ecological systems in which ecosystem services are generated and appropriated
  • To identify the essential ecosystem service variables for effective observation of ecosystem services status and trends, including their supply, use, value and contributions to well-being
  • To conduct and facilitate trend assessments and monitoring of ecosystem services at different spatial scales, including the exploration trade-offs between ecosystem services and across temporal and spatial scales
  • To work closely with regional and global decision makers to identify priority exploration, synthesis, and outputs that the WG can deliver
  • To inform on progress towards Sustainable Development Targets, and other global and regional environmental policy targets taking into account essential ecosystem service variables
  • To contribute to important policy-science processes such as IPBES and to the appropriate conventions

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