By Arturo H. Ariño

March 20, 2019

This is to remind you that the Call for Abstracts for the joint Biodiversity_Next Conference in Leiden, The Netherlands, 19-25 October is still open. With over sixty programmed symposia and other events, the conference will bring together major international organisations, research scientists, and policy makers to look at the horizon of data-driven biodiversity and geodiversity research and uses.

For best consideration, please submit your abstract by the 22 March deadline.



Arturo H. Ariño

Biodiversity_Next Program Committee Chair


Arturo H. Ariño, PhD –

Professor, UNAV | Lecturer, UNED

Director, Dept. Environmental Biology | Director, Museum of Zoology


biodiversity_next PC Chair

Call for Abstracts for the joint Biodiversity_Next Conference in Leiden

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