GEO BON Secretariat

September 22, 2017

The webinar consisted of two presentations on results from the OPERAs project.

The first presentation was from Marianne Kettunen and the second presentation is one on a joint paper with GEO BON Ecosystem Services Working Group, ESP and OPERAs ( The paper demonstrates which ecosystem services are contributing to which Sustainable Development Goals and Aichi Targets. It then identifies a biases in demand for indicators as well as data availability, where especially information on the use and demand for ecosystem services in underrepresented and cultural services a least well covered by data and indicators in general. In the second presentation, the use of this information for the conservation and monitoring of Mediterranean Wetlands is then discussed as well as the requirements from an NOGs perspectives for the possible next steps for IPBES and the SDGs.

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GEO BON represented in an OPPLA webinar on ecosystem services in international policies

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