By GEO BON Secretariat

August 19, 2021

It is a rare chance to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystems as a software engineer. I am more than happy to put my software development and Scrum Master abilities at the service of GEO BON. Before taking up this position, I was serving the cause of eye disabilities at HumanWare, developing technological aids for people with low vision or blindness. During these seven years I have developed software with a wide range of technologies (Java-Android, Kotlin, C++, Groovy, Jenkins, etc.), configured Image Signal Processors for image quality tuning, and served as a Scrum Master for a few projects.

I hope to help GEO BON achieve its greater goal of contributing to effective biodiversity management policies, one small sprint goal at a time.

GEO BON welcomes Jean-Michel Lord as Developer and Scrum Master

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