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December 5, 2015

The GEO Plenary in Mexico City 9-13th November 2015, was a key event not only for GEO but also for GEO BON. See documents here

There had been many very interesting side events at the GEO Plenary and GEO, which has now 100 member states has experienced a strong support by its members and a strong mandate to go ahead.

GEO-XII Plenary & Mexico City Ministerial Summit | Photo by IISD/ENB

GEO BON organised a full day side event at the 10th November opened by José Sarukhán, the National Coordinator of CONABIO. Henrique Pereira and Mike Gill presented GEO BON and there were been sessions about EBVs with presentations about: ConectinGEO: The wider EV perspective in GEO by Joan Masó; Development process and visions for EBVs by Miguel Fernandez and the Global Biodiversity Change Indicators for the CBD by Henrique Pereira. Mike Gill and Maria Cecilia Londoño presented the progress and visions of BON in a Box and there had been the launch of BON in a Box: Latin America showing a nice film and a great concept and progress.

A special session about the Global Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) attracted a lot of attention, especially the presentation by Kathryn Sullivan, the NOAA Administrator. Hiroyuki Muraoka and Maria Cecilia Londoño presented about BONs. Tuyeni Mwampamba & Patricia Balvanera gave a very interesting talk about “Monitoring ecosystem services to support policy design”, Hannu Saarenmaa & Christoph Häuser presented EU BON products, the EU projects Globis-B and ECOPOTENTIAL and the GEO BON projects: Black Listing of alien species & Standards for global butterfly monitoring were presented by Miguel Fernandez and Roger Sayre gave an insight into the success and future visions and progress of the projects to determine “Standardised Global Ecosystems for Terrestrial, Freshwater, and Marine Environments”.

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GEO-XII Plenary & Mexico City Ministerial Summit

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