By Daniel W. Kissling

August 15, 2017

As an outcome of the first two workshops organized by the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project GLOBIS-B (“GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research”), a new paper was published that describes the challenges of building global EBV data products on species distribution and abundance. The paper covers scientific, technical and legal aspects, including basic definitions of the EBV framework, data and tools for building EBV data products, technical and legal requirements of workflows, and metadata and data-sharing standards. The paper represents a community-effort by 36 co-authors, many of them working actively with GEO BON or biodiversity research infrastructures. “This paper is a fundamental step forward in operationalizing the EBV concept because it shows how we can implement a workflow-oriented production of EBVs”, says Professor Henrique Pereira, GEO BON co-chair and co-author of the study. The open-access paper is published in the journal Biological Reviews and available here.

New paper on building EBVs of species distribution and abundance at a global scale

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