Five grantees for the first EBVs on the cloud call

Earlier this year, Microsoft’s AI for Earth and the GEO BON Secretariat launched the program “Essential Biodiversity Variables in the Cloud”, a new US$1 million grant program providing financial support and Microsoft Azure credits to monitor Earth’s biodiversity. The call was particularly designed for advancing research and applications that leverage

GBIF call to promote the mobilization and use of biodiversity data in Asia

The fourth call under the Biodiversity Information Fund for Asia (BIFA) programme invites proposals that – Enhance knowledge of Asian biodiversity through access to data from biological collections and monitoring programmes in the region and – Engage research and policy communities in the use and application of data mobilized through

Introducing the Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species

Harmonised, representative data on the state of biological invasions remain inadequate at country and global scales, particularly for taxa that affect biodiversity and ecosystems. Information is not readily available in a form suitable for policy and reporting. The Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species (GRIIS) provides the first country-wise

A roadmap for the mobilization of structured biodiversity data

Data sharing is becoming common practice in some scientific fields, as exemplified by massive data repositories such as GenBank and a trend to open access publishing of scientific research. GBIF and DataOne are examples of such initiatives relevant for ecology and conservation biology, yet while both are widely accepted and