By Gabrielle Canonico

November 25, 2019

In October 2019, the US MBON government sponsors (US Integrated Ocean Observing System/US IOOS, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/NOAA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration/NASA, Office of Naval Research/ONR and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management/BOEM) awarded six new three-year US MBON projects. The new projects build on the lessons learned and the progress made during the initial set of US MBON demonstrations (2013-2018) and will expand coverage beyond the initial demonstration to the Arctic, Northern California Current, Central California, Southern California Bight, South Florida, and Gulf of Maine. The projects also complement the experimental biodiversity efforts carried out by the MarineGEO project of the Smithsonian’s National History Museum under the broad set of MBON efforts carried out by the US. The new projects are a key step in evolving an integrated and operational marine biological observing capability for the US oceans, coasts and the Great Lakes, integrating biological observations across taxonomic, spatial and temporal scales and advancing technologies for automated collection of biological observations. The US is committed to contributing ideas and observations to the international biodiversity observation community and to further engage in advancing the GEO BON goals.

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