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June 2, 2015

The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program’s (CBMP) goal is to facilitate more rapid detection, communication, and response to the significant biodiversity-related trends and pressures affecting the Arctic.

The CBMP organizes its efforts around the major ecosystems of the Arctic. It coordinates marine, freshwater, terrestrial and coastal monitoring activities while establishing international linkages to global biodiversity initiatives, and serves as the Arctic BON of GEO BON.

Current efforts are focussed on implementing integrated Arctic Biodiversity Monitoring Plans. These umbrella Plans work with existing monitoring capacity to facilitate improved and cost-effective monitoring through enhanced integration and coordination.

Implementation activities include the collection and aggregation of existing monitoring information and capacity across the Arctic, identifying opportunities to fulfill gaps in monitoring, and working towards the publication of the State of the Arctic Biodiversity reports in 2017 and 2018.

Work continues to make data available through the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS), an online, interoperable data management system that will serve as a focal point dynamic source for up-to-date circumpolar Arctic biodiversity information and emerging trends.

Recent updates and reports include:

Work also continues on a series of headline indicators, including:

The CBMP is the cornerstone program of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council.

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Tom Christensen, CBMP Co-Chair,
John Payne, CBMP Co-Chair or
Courtney Price, CAFF Secretariat

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