A pipeline for standardising and integrating alien species data

There has been enormous progress over the last half decade in the collation and publication of global datasets on alien species distributions, for various plant and animal groups and in terrestrial and marine environments. One of the key hurdles that remains for the construction of Essential Biodiversity Variables for alien

Monitoring Ecosystem Services: From global to local

Last July 8, the Ecosystem Services Working Group session took place within the framework of the GEO BON All Hands Meeting Conference 2020, in which more than 50 members participated. The discussions revolved around analysing the links between ES monitoring at the global and local scale. Although monitoring of global

GlobDiversity Newsletter Issue 5

GlobDiversity engineered retrieval algorithms for three remote sensing-based variables relevant for biodiversity monitoring. They are Fragmentation, Land Surface Phenology and Canopy Chlorophyll Content. The variables are referred to as Remote Sensing Enabled Essential Biodiversity Variables (RS-enabled EBVs) within

Significant funding for a new Finnish Ecosystem Observatory

The state of biodiversity and ecosystems has deteriorated both in Finland and globally. Planning and implementing effective corrective measures requires more comprehensive and up-to-date information about nature than before. According to the recent EU biodiversity strategy, it is also necessary to develop a knowledge base on nature that can support decision-making processes.