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September 20, 2016

The Gap Analysis and Prioritization workshop will take place on October 10-11, 2016 where ConnectinGEO will present the results regarding EO gaps and a proposal for their prioritization. The ENEON Plenary will take place on October 12-13, 2016 where the tasks and results of the network will be presented, in particular the graph of existing EO networks ( They are open to anyone related to Earth Observation in Europe and interested in EO gaps and prioritization in any domain (marine, biodiversity, atmosphere, etc).

Both events will be held at IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria. The web announcement is available at and there you can also access 1-page invitations for the two event. An overview of the schedule during the week is available at


Earth Observation gaps and prioritization actions’ Workshop. Preliminary agenda
–    Session 1: Introduction to the ConnectinGEO Approach to Gap Analysis and Prioritization
–    Session 2: “Top-Down” approach to Gap Analysis: Thread 1: Identification of a collection of observation requirements; Thread 2: Research programs aims and targets
–    Session 3: “Bottom-Up” approach to Gap Analysis: Thread 1: Consultation process
–    Session 4: “Bottom-Up” approach to Gap Analysis: Thread 2: GEOSS DAB analysis
–    Session 5: “Bottom-Up” approach to Gap Analysis: Thread 3: Industry-Driven Challenges
–    Session 6: Assessment of the Gaps Identified so far and Steps Towards Prioritization

ENEON Workshop and Plenary. Preliminary agenda
–    Session 1: ENEON Developments: Networks, Committees, Working Groups, Ambassadors, Achievements
–    Session 2: ENEON in Support of European Policy Making and Implementation
–    Session 3: ENEON in Support of Sustainable Development Goals Monitoring and Implementation
–    Session 4: Addressing Gaps in European Earth Observation Infrastructure, Services, and Knowledge
–    Session 5: ENEON: European Contribution to the GEO Work Programme
–    Session 6: ENEON Business

Please see more information in the flyers. Flyer 1 | Flyer 2

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