GEO BON Secretariat

June 1, 2015

From May 4 to May 6 at the Greenberg Conference Center in New Haven Connecticut, sponsored by Future Earth, YCEI, Map of Life and the Yale SBSC Program, the Future Earth cluster on “Global Biodiversity Monitoring, Prediction and Reporting” was launched. The cluster goals are to provide a forum for interdisciplinary research activities and scientific questions associated with a globally integrated monitoring and assessment of biodiversity (species, populations, traits).


Its goal is to bring together members of the observational, conservation, remote sensing and modeling communities concerned with spatiotemporally explicit biodiversity and environmental data to jointly consider the different elements of a scientifically sound and global biodiversity monitoring. The cluster hopes to provide the spatiotemporal biodiversity science needed to support Future Earth projects and goals and to complement existing observation networks and activities such as GEO BON.

Walter Jetz

Future Earth – Global Biodiversity Monitoring

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