GEO BON Secretariat

June 1, 2015

In line with EU BON progresses and aims, we have scheduled a workshop in Manaus, Brasil 20-24 July, for a targeted group of representatives of the different EU BON WPs or task forces.

The workshop will specifically target the following:

  • Issues of designing and running biodiversity monitoring observatories (i.e. optimization and guidelines for planning biodiversity monitoring)
  • Analyses of biodiversity data to be addressed for assessing changes and patterns
  • Linkage of (meta-) data to EU BON portal

Being hosted in Manaus, this workshop will facilitate the integration of Brazilian and European expertise, for instance by updating about the progress made by Brazil in starting participatory resource monitoring in Brazilian National parks and the development of databases to integrate this information. The workshop will be held at the Federal University of Amazonas Experimental Site.

William Ernest Magnusson

Upcoming EU BON Workshop

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