Sean Hoban

February 10, 2021

News from: GEO BON projects

genetic diversity, policy, national reports, CBD, SBSTTA, indicators, monitoring

The GEO BON Genetic Composition Working Group has completed the first analysis of genetic diversity reporting to the Convention on Biological Diversity.  We analyzed 114 CBD National Reports (from the 5th and 6th reporting period) for how countries report on genetic diversity conservation actions, threats, indicators, values, and species of focus. 

A one page summary policy brief of the study in English is available here. Generous volunteers have made this policy brief available in 13 languages:

The full report is on bioRxiv hereIn light of the CBD post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework we recommend: improving awareness of the importance of genetic diversity, uptake of recently proposed genetic diversity indicators, improved wording for Goal and Target, and improving guidance to enable consistent reporting of progress of genetic diversity in future National Reports.

We found that the importance of genetic diversity is recognised by most Parties to the CBD. However, genetic targets and indicators mainly addressed genetic diversity within cultivated species, with little focus on wild species. We also found that few reports mentioned monitoring and managing genetic diversity in situ, and genetic change is poorly monitored by current indicators.   

Although the study is still in peer review, we are circulating this summary due to timeliness of its recommendations:  please consider sharing with colleagues involved in CBD policy or reporting, or others who may be interested, but please note that the study is still in peer review.

The leading co-authors, Sean Hoban ( and Maggie Hunter ( are happy to answer questions.


GEO BON Genetic Composition Working Group analyzes content of CBD National Reports and makes recommendations