By María Cecilia Londoño Murcia and Andrew Gonzalez

April 22, 2021

I count myself incredibly lucky to be part of an international network such as GEO BON, and to contribute to the overall access and visibility of much-needed research in the field of biodiversity. My academic background is in international relations, so any work involving collaborations with international teams, which has the potential to affect human welfare at a global scale counts as an essential and meaningful pursuit for me.

Throughout my career, I have been involved with various aspects of the communication process. These entailed producing internal communications, brochures, newsletters, information letters, briefs, as well as helping organize different events and promoting them on different platforms. I have helped develop communication plans and benchmarking projects, involving research and audience analyses for both public and private entities.

I would say that working to support innovation and research, to communicate, frame, and promote ideas and programs in an international academic environment are some of the most rewarding steps I have taken along my professional path.

I am looking forward to collaborating with the brilliant team members that are part of the GEO BON community of practice and to contribute to better articulate its relevance, especially in the context of the global environmental crises we face.

GEO BON welcomes Cristiana Mandru, communications and engagement administrator!

News from: News from the GEO BON Secretariat