By GEO BON Sercretariat

March 31, 2022

Veronica Wrobel

I am a firm believer that communicating science effectively is just as important as research itself. I am therefore very excited to be joining the GEO BON team as communications and engagement officer and be able to contribute to its mission of promoting biodiversity science and conservation worldwide. My background is in economics and social sciences, but my passion for protecting the natural world we all rely on steered me towards communication. Before joining GEO BON, I worked at two environmental start-ups both as a business development manager and communications manager. I also had the privilege to participate in and report on the COP24 as an independent journalist where I first realized how efficient research and science communication are crucial to create change. Today, I also work as a communication manager for the Gonzalez Lab where my main aim is to translate science into applied solutions for biodiversity conservation. I believe that the only way out of the crisis we are facing today is through an informed and connected community of people and effective communication is the way to achieve this goal.

GEO BON welcomes Veronica Wrobel as Communications and Engagement Officer

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