GEO BON Secretariat

April 7, 2017

Within the activities of GEO BON’s Ecosystem Function WG, a workshop was held at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin on the 30th-31st of March 2017. The first day was held in a mini-conference format, with scientific talks followed by discussions, covering themes ranging from remote sensing of biodiversity, functional attributes and functional richness, to the status and future directions in EBV development relating to ecosystems. The full conference programe was live streamed and can be accessed online at the GEO BON website. On the second day, a group of 15 researchers followed up with discussions on the development of EBVs related to Ecosystem Function. From these discussions arose an ongoing initiative aimed at identifying conceptual challenges, operationalisation workflows and data for developing an ecosystem function EBV on Disturbance Regime.

WG Ecosystem Function KOSMOS Workshop

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