Webinar Series by NatureServe, GEO BON and EcoHealth Alliance


Date Title Presenter Links
15/10/2018 Repository of the Bolivian Flora and its Dynamics with Living Systems Mónica Moraes Ramírez Watch webinar
12/11/2018 Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Bear? Ximena Velez-Liendo Watch webinar
11/12/2018 Assessing the Conservation Status of the World’s Ecosystems – The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, a Global Standard Irene Zager
22/02/2019 Conserving the biodiversity of the Andes Amazon: Conservación Amazónica experience in southeastern Peru Aimy Caceres Watch webinar
22/03/2019 Ecosystem Restoration in the conservation agenda and opportunities for rewilding Laetitia Navarro Watch webinar
12/04/2019 Monitoring in the Bolivian Amazon: from socioeconomics to wildlife Nuno Negrões Watch webinar
14/05/2019 Identifying conservation areas within the Vilcabamba-Amboro Conservation corridor to support corridor connectivity Florencia San Germano
21/07/2019 How Standards Can Improve Implementation of Global Restoration Initiatives Bethanie Walder Watch webinar
02/08/2019 Mainstreaming and Safeguarding Biodiversity in Multilateral Development Bank Finance Robert Langstroth
23/08/2019 Biodiversity and Health Connections: One Health Solutions for People and Planet Catherine Machalaba
27/09/2019 Biodiversity Observations for Decision-Making: From Data to Decision Mike Gill
24/01/2020 Integrating biodiversity information through standards: a synthesis of disciplines, from origins to outlook Stan Blum Watch webinar
21/02/2020 Wildlife Insights: A new platform to maximize the use of camera trap and passive sensor wildlife data for conservation Jorge Ahumada
03/04/2020 An X-Ray of a Pandemic Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio
20/11/2020 Numbers and Names: How taxonomic challenges affect biodiversity conservation Maria Marta Cigliano, Donald Hobern, Beckett Sterner, Alan Weakley