Announcing the election of Maria Cecilia as co-Chair

We are thrilled to announce the unanimous election of María Cecilia Londoño (Humboldt Institute) as co-Chair elect of GEO BON by its Implementation Committee. María Cecilia is an integral part of the GEO BON community and has been for many years. She has led the Colombia BON successfully implementing GEOBON

Species Distribution Modeling in Latin America: A 25-Year Retrospective Review

Species distribution modeling (SDM) is a booming area of research that has had an exponential increase in use and development in recent years. We performed a search of scientific literature and found 5,533 documents published from 1993 to 2018 using SDM, representing a global network of 4,329 collaborating institutions from

EBV operationalization in Tropical Dry Forest

As part of the project “Implementation of Essential Biodiversity Variables for biodiversity assessment and monitoring at the subnational level in Colombia” funded by the National Academy of Science, members of the Colombia BON and the BON Development working group carried out a workshop with stakeholders from rural communities in Montes