By Maria Cecilia Londono

June 2, 2019

As part of the project “Implementation of Essential Biodiversity Variables for biodiversity assessment and monitoring at the subnational level in Colombia” funded by the National Academy of Science, members of the Colombia BON and the BON Development working group carried out a workshop with stakeholders from rural communities in Montes de Maria, a region that was very affected by the armed conflict in Colombia and that in the resent years has started a peace process were people are returning to their lands seeking for productive alternatives but aware of the need for biodiversity conservation.

During the workshop and field work, biodiversity information needs for decision making process at local scales were identified and EBV monitoring opportunities were evaluated from the bottom-up approach. Functional diversity indicators are highly needed for monitoring change in tropical seasonal ecosystem. The operationalization of Ecosystem Function and Species Traits EBV´s emerged as a high priority for linking information into decision making.


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EBV operationalization in Tropical Dry Forest

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