Monitoring the nature crisis using space-borne platforms

In our Digital Age, human beings are confronted with two major environmental crises: climate change and biodiversity loss. The first has garnered widespread public attention and funding to tackle, whereas the latter operates more quietly in the background. One of the key challenges to solve the biodiversity crisis is the

EBV operationalization in Tropical Dry Forest

As part of the project “Implementation of Essential Biodiversity Variables for biodiversity assessment and monitoring at the subnational level in Colombia” funded by the National Academy of Science, members of the Colombia BON and the BON Development working group carried out a workshop with stakeholders from rural communities in Montes

Unlocking a New Era in Biodiversity Science: Linking Integrated Space Based and In-Situ Observations

The Study Program “Unlocking a New Era in Biodiversity Science: Linking Integrated Space Based and In-Situ Observations” continued in March with the second workshop hosted by the Keck Institute for Space Studies at California Institute of Technology. For five days, biodiversity scientists and remote sensing technologists worked together towards the identification of breakthroughs for implementing a global biodiversity monitoring