A pipeline for standardising and integrating alien species data

There has been enormous progress over the last half decade in the collation and publication of global datasets on alien species distributions, for various plant and animal groups and in terrestrial and marine environments. One of the key hurdles that remains for the construction of Essential Biodiversity Variables for alien

Species Distribution Modeling in Latin America: A 25-Year Retrospective Review

Species distribution modeling (SDM) is a booming area of research that has had an exponential increase in use and development in recent years. We performed a search of scientific literature and found 5,533 documents published from 1993 to 2018 using SDM, representing a global network of 4,329 collaborating institutions from

Essential biodiversity

An editorial published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, and building on two recent publications by the GEO BON working groups on Species Traits and Species Populations EBVs, discusses the development of the Essential Biodiversity Variables as well as their potential to support conservation policies at multiple scales.

Experts present a new framework for global species monitoring

Media release by Yale University, USA: New Haven, Conn. –  A group of international experts has developed a much-needed framework to significantly improve the monitoring of status and trends of species worldwide. This finding comes after a multi-year collaboration under the auspices of the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation

Species Populations WG: New funding for Invasions Indicator Development

Work under the GEOBON Species Populations Working Group has just received a major boost with funding received by sDiv, the Synthesis Centre of iDiv, the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (www.idiv.de/sdiv). The successful proposal – Theory and Workflows for Alien and Invasive Species Tracking (sTWIST), led by Melodie McGeoch (Monash University)

New wildlife monitoring platform – Wildlife Insights

Wildlife Insights is excited to share its latest platform development update with the GEO BON community. Wildlife Insights is a new wildlife monitoring platform that will harness the best in artificial intelligence, conservation technology and science-based tools to help conserve wildlife. This open-access platform will build on existing camera trap