By Néstor Fernández

March 18, 2020

GEO BON continues promoting the development of infrastructures supporting the production and dissemination of the Essential Biodiversity Variables and derived indicators. The workshop “BON in the Cloud”, held in Leipzig on February 13-14th, identified the most pressing needs for developing cloud-based systems in support of biodiversity observation networks. Workshop participants (around 20 from 12 different nationalities and expertise ranging from biodiversity science to infrastructure development) discussed about access to big-data analytic facilities, harmonization of observations and challenges in EBV-development and dissemination, among other topics. The results of the workshop included a roadmap for further developing the GEO BON Portal for Essential Biodiversity Variables and a brief on the gaps and needs for developing big-data infrastructures to support Biodiversity Observation Networks, among others. GEO BON will use these recommendations to leverage initiatives that support the implementation of big-data server-side approaches for measuring the the EBVs.

This activity was a joint initiative of the GEO BON Secretariat and the EBV-Data Taskforce, GBIF and GEO.

Néstor Fernández,

Towards “BON in the Cloud”

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